So, You Just Finished Watching the Video...
What's Next?
I want you to have unlimited joy, complete happiness, and total contentment with the life you ALREADY HAVE!
Here is why this matters. Why wait for the life of your dreams when it can begin in a few simple clicks?

When I finally started to DO gratitude, and I learned how to apply and activate it during life’s most frustrating moments, not only did my happiness levels increase, but my relationship with my spouse improved significantly. My children started to view me as a constant source of positivity and joy for them. My co-workers started treating me differently. 

Before I knew it, I was this new and improved Kevin, because of the simplicity of knowing how to activate gratitude daily and regularly no matter what was happening around me. Pretty soon, I was being offered more responsibilities, more perks, more money, because I’d become someone people wanted to be around and work with. I started sleeping better, I was better rested. I began finding it easier to work out and eat better and started losing weight. 

At the end of the day, because of finally really learning how to apply and use the FLIP formula in my life, I was healthier, wealthier, and happier all the way around.
People kept saying the same things..
And as people saw the changes I was making, and as they started to experience the new and improved me, and as people started to get and read the book as a result, I kept hearing the same feedback.

Here is what I kept hearing, “Kev, we love the message, we love the book, but how can we accelerate our ability to learn the FLIP Formula, and learn, in-depth, how to DO gratitude so that it can change our lives right away?”

So… I decided to create exactly what they were asking for. We created, what we call, the Gratifuel Accelerator Course.
So What Is The 
Gratifuel Accelerator Course?...
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get
In The Gratifuel Accelerator Course!
  • 12 Amazing Video Modules - Adopt the FLIP Formula quicker and easier than any other way... guaranteed. Start living a life of joy, contentment, and control RIGHT AWAY... why wait?
  • AMAZING Bonuses - These bonuses alone are worth WAY more than the investment you are making in the Gratifuel Accelerator Course. It will feel like printing free money when you see them...
  • Gratifuel Accelerator Audio Vault -  Audios include 10 interviews where we dive deep in to the FLIP Formula. ($97 Value)
  • Audio Book Bonus - Listen to the whole audio book as a bonus to you!
  • The Gratifuel Toolkit - 5 individual exercises and worksheets that you can use regularly and even daily to change your life.
  • Gratifuel Action Workbook - An incredible workbook designed to help you learn and take productive and powerful action right away as you go through each video module.
  • Lifetime Discounts on Additional Light Switches - When you invest in this course you will get lifetime pricing for any Light Switch Covers you may want to buy as gifts either now or in the future.
  • Additional Content Released Regularly - As we roll out additional videos, audios, trainings, and bonuses, you will automatically have on-going access to all of it.
What You Are Going To Learn...
  • Module 1 - Why do only 1 in 3 of us consider ourselves happy according to research, and what are some of the causes of this national epidemic of depression and sadness? This module shows you specifically what YOU can start doing to reverse this trend personally, and for the whole world.
  • Module 2 - A tale of two men. This is an exploration in to looking at life from two different angles. You will receive a slew of ideas and suggestions to begin viewing your current situation differently. For example, we cover how to turn poverty in to prosperity instantly.
  • Module 3 - I teach you the one single secret to make happiness happen no matter what. There is one key idea that you will need to know. There is a reason you may feel less happy than you want, and perhaps even as though you are not in control of your life. This module explains that problem and gives you the solution.
  • Module 4 - This module may be the most controversial of all. I take issue with one very common personal development practice, and I will show you why it doesn't work for most, and then unlock the single key to opening the door to the life you want.
  • Module 5 - Illuminate life's challenges immediately with this single idea. You will never have to have a bad day again once you understand this one single idea.
  • Module 6 - F - This module explores the F of the FLIP Formula and shows you how to look at life's frustrations as they come, and even helps you see how the frustrations and hardships of life will become your greatest gifts.
  • Module 7 - L - This module dives in to a technique to help you discover the silver lining in every single difficult situation that may ever arise. This idea will create what's called a virtuous cycle in your life, and it may be the most important idea of the entire course.
  • Module 8 - I - Did you know that as long as you consider gratitude as something you feel from time to time, it will likely never become the game changer it could become for you. The simple technique I share in this module will immediately change your life for the better. This video will absolutely make you smile, and may keep you smiling for the rest of your life.
  • Module 9 - P - What is the fuel that runs your life, your business, your marriage, your financial life, your daily interactions etc.? You will not be able to travel down the road of life if you don't have any fuel in the tank. This module explores how to biologically alter your state which will provide natural, healthy, and unlimited amounts of the fuel your life needs.
  • Module 10 - This course may sound good, and the teachings may feel good, and it all may feel as though it's really helping you... but is it? We dive in to the scientific backing for why this works, and why this course is guaranteed to change the trajectory of your life, or your money back. 
  • Module 11 - We cover the 5 specific reasons that gratitude is the largest driver of success. If you don't get and understand these 5 reasons, you may never be able to achieve the level of success you desire in your life.
  • Bonus Module - Are you a parent, or do you know one. This bonus module could be an entire course by itself. We dive deep in to a specific step-by-step approach that will change the way you interact with your children, and the way they interact with you, and with each other. Home life will get a whole lot happier after this amazing bonus module.
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Josh B.

This course has changed my life in a big way. i’m so much more positive and happy now that I’ve taken this course.  This course has truly changed the way I perceive different events in my life. By simply activating gratitude, I can turn any bad day into a totally awesome one! This is still changing my life even weeks after finishing it. Such an inspired course!

Leah S.

My biggest breakthrough from this course is that gratitude is a habit that can serve me for the rest of my life. I now have a “Gratitude Switch” in my office so I will be reminded every day that I CHOOSE to be grateful.